Tuesday, January 5, 2010

welcome 2010

Wow, where has another week gone. We are 5 days into January and time has not slowed down at all for me to catch up.  I have gotten a few things done.  The pantry is organized! I finally called the fridge repair man and after 3 years of procrastinating, we now have ice!!! Yeah, no more filling those darn trays.  The awesome repair guy also fixed the water line that was apparently frozen solid and hasn't worked for 2 months! woohoo! And I have to say, I kinda miss the loud humming noise that I had grown so used to hearing.  Anyway, check that off my list of things to do! I also did 1 scrapbook page. Yes, I said ONE.  It's better than my 2009 average of 0!  I really need to catch up.  My poor baby who is now 4 wants to know where HIS baby book is! Yikes.  Christmas is almost taken down.  Slowly but surley everything is getting put into awesome red and green rubbermaids.  I started last year and the organizing continues as everything has a place and bin.  That almost makes me want to squeal.  Headed to Target in the morning to pick up a few more bins just to make sure I have enough!

I have been laying low on the posting here on my blog, but have been busy pouring my heart and soul into my prayer journal.  It is so wonderful to keep record of prayer requests, life events, things that are important so you can look back and see how God works and watch his plan unfold.  I pray for God's will in my life all the time, and sometimes that is a general, sweeping, generic, christian request that I selfishly pray.  This week it has been a detailed, specific, step by step, concious, prayer journal full of asking for guidance, peace, wisdom, understanding, and direction. 

2009 was a year filled with wants and desires for me.  I have wanted another baby for more than a year now and have a deep desire to carry another child.  As anyone knows, that decision takes 2 people! :)  I have prayed and waited patiently for God's will in our lives whether it be to have another child, adopt, or thank God for our 2 wonderful miracles and remain a blessed family of 4.  There are so many variables, so many pros and cons, so many what ifs, but my heart has kept tugging and I have felt as though our family is not complete.  My husband has prayed along side me but has been very vocal about us not trying to conceive again.  He is all for adopting, however, I have not felt the same peace about that.  So as 2010 rolls along at a pace I already can't keep up with, I will be praying harder than last year, listening a little more carefully, finding more time to be still and know my God, and continue to pray for His will in my life!  And when I'm not around for a little while, it's probably because I'm frantically writing in my prayer journal!!!


Pineapple Princess said...

Praying for clear direction! :)

Shana said...

I have been praying super hard this year already too. We want to try to conceive it is just hard with PCOS. it took us 12 years the first time lol. We are trying to get better insurance so what can we do. Just praying that it will all work out. I will add you guys to my prayer list.

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