Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's a happy day!

Okay, so you know how you get crazy things stuck in our head sometimes?? Maybe like singing "pants on the ground" 100 times! (american idol joke for those of you who don't know)  Well, I woke up this morning with a song in my head that I haven't heard in years.  It's one of those kids songs from sunday school.  I smile as I think about the words and what they mean for me today.  Thank you Jesus, for even showing up in the small ways.  I will leave you with the lyrics and you will be grateful that I'm not subjecting you to the tune!!

It's a happy day, and I thank God for the weather,
It's a happy day, and I'm livin' it for my Lord.
It's a happy day, and things are gonna get better,
'cause I'm livin' each day by the promises in God's word.

Simple, sweet, words of wisdom for this dreary and gloomy Louisiana wednesday. Thank you Jesus!

1 comment:

Shana said...

Oh how sweet I have never heard that one before.

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