Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday monday

I am attempting to join the land of the living today.  Mustered up enough energy to bring the boys to school and stop at walgreens for some gatorade and crackers.  Last week Logan had a terrible stomach virus...he so kindly shared with me.  Saturday night I started throwing up and couldn't stop.  I seriously thought I was going to die.  My fabulous hubby is a CRNA and kicks into medical mode when I get sick (so sweet).  He was able to give me some IV fluids at home after nearly passing out from dehydration.  I slept all day yesterday and am attempting to get better today with hydrating and some food.  I don't know why it is our family is always sick and I'm really getting tired of it!  Hope you all had a better weekend than us! Happy monday.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, you guys are getting hit hard! At least you have a medical expert on hand at all times. Hope you all get better soon!

Shana said...

Seriously it has just been a bad year for sickness. I will pray for you.

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