Wednesday, June 30, 2010

hurricane party...

hurricane alex is churning in the gulf and although won't hit louisiana, you'd never know that by the monsoon that is occuring out there right now! so me and the boys are having a great time building a tent in the living room, watching movies, and the pizza is in the oven!!! hurricane party!! it's nice to just hang out in jammies sometimes and just love on my blessings!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

favorite app...

Did I mention that my husband bought me an iphone for mother's day?? Well, he did, and I'm in love! It's amazing.  My favorite apps so far are The Weather Channel and facebook.  I know, I'm a total weather nerd but nothing gives me more pleasure (well almost nothing) than being able to check the local doppler radar on the go! With the push of a button I can see if we are in for a 5 min shower or hours of a monsoon.  And now with hurricane season upon us, I'm a crazy person! Tropical Storm Alex is throwing some crazy rain our way this week and I LOVE to keep up with the latest updates!

But I have to mention that my husband, who is a CRNA, wrote a book last year.  Well, his book is now an iphone app!!! I am so proud of him and all his hard work!  This week he reached the over 100 sold mark! WOOHOOO! I can't wait to see what the future holds for us and his amazing venture as an author and beyond!! If you are in the medical field, specifically anesthesia related, check it out!  His book is What I was not, necesarrily, taught about anesthesia and his website is
If you are interested in the app, just go to itunes and search anesthesia and his book is there, John Marble, CRNA!!
Love ya babe!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun on the lake... the oil hasn't made it to lake ponchartrain yet!!! what a better way to spend a saturday than on the boat with gramma and grandpa out on the lake! 5 boy cousins all having the time of their lives on their first trip ever tubing! yep, grandpa dusted off the ole tube from the attic and we gave it a whirl.  the boys thought it was awesome! so much fun had by all!!

ethan, logan, noah, jackson, and zach

me and gramma!

the captain and best grandpa boat driver ever!

Hope all of you are having a great summer too!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

busy summer days

we are smack in the middle of VBS week at our church.  the kids are loving it! lots of carpooling and running around but it's worth it. riley and luke, my neice and nephew are coming too so it's a full, fun ride there and back each day.  they are loving the rainforest theme and i'm glad to keep them busy. i'll try to get some pictures before it's over.  i have been shopping some and trying to keep up with housework (is it just me or is that neverending?!) anyway, what are you staying busy with this summer?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 amazing men...

Well, tomorrow is father's day.  It happens to be a day that means a lot to me for two reasons! The first is, of course, my dad.  He is an amazing man.  Some of the words that come to mind immediately are, kind, gentle, compassionate, unselfish, devoted, motivated, and inspiring! And that's just to name a few.  My dad has an amazing heart and is a true servant leader and example of what a man of God looks like.  I have the fondest memories of growing up with a fun and energetic dad to 3 daughters.  There are the camping trips, the vacations, the youth group pranks! (he was a great driver when we rolled houses!), and on and on.  One of my absolute best and favorite memories is from when I was six.  One evening he was sitting in the living room.  The glow of the lamp lit the book he was reading as he sat on one end of the couch.  I remember the orange and red shag carpet that was in that room at the time too! Anyway, he was reading his Bible (as he often did), and I was curious.  He was studying the Four Spiritual Laws, a bible tract used to witness and I started asking questions.  It was that night that my curiosity and his soft words and answers changed my life forever as he led me to pray the prayer of salvation.  What an amazing thing to share as a father and daughter!  He has always been the kind of man I knew I wanted in a husband.  He set such a great example for what a husband and father should be and I will forever be grateful for his undying love, unconditional acceptance, unwavering forgiveness, and true inspiration.  I am honored to call him dad and love him as much as any daughter could. 

And then of course, there's my husband.  I always knew I wanted kids and could only hope to share that with someone special.  My husband has been the most amazing dad to our boys and has exceeded all expectations for what a father to my children would be!  Thank you baby, for your devotion and love that our children receive from you.  You live for them and they know how special they are because of you!  I have never seen someone so giving and you truly want to do everything you can for the boys.  The hours of baseball, soccer, sidewalk chalk, and tickle fights bring me more joy to watch than you will ever know!  You are a strong leader, motivated to work hard and be the best and I hope the boys will learn that and see how your strive for something better.  I love you more than words can express and am so blessed that you are the father of my children!  Happy Father's Day to 2 amazing and wonderful men that God has given me!

my amazing twin sister...

so i have this amazing twin sister and she his so talented!!! take a minute to look at these amazing cakes and see for yourself why i'm a little jealous of her!
 p.s. i have a little sister who is pretty amazing too! :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

and now, unpacking

Our beach vacation was absolutely wonderful!!! We had a relaxing, enjoyable, beautiful trip and hate to be home starring at a pile of laundry and suitcases to unpack. The boys had an amazing time building sandcastles, body surfing, swimming, and just being boys. They love the beach so much, we spent about 6 hours a day on the beach, about and hour swimming, and then went to dinner and sight seeing in the evenings. Here are a few more pictures from our trip!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

an awesome trip thus far...

a few sneak peak pics from our amazing trip thus far!!!! home tomorrow and it's over way too soon :(

Friday, June 4, 2010

so, so, sad...

normally i would be jumping for joy, and i am still happy, but my heart is heavy and sad as we prepare for vacation and learn that the horrible oil from the deep oil spill has reached the beach...where we are headed.  we always look forward to our annual beach trip and i know we will still have fun as a family as we just get away, but i can't help but be so saddened by all that's happened in the last month and a half with this horrible oil crisis. sigh. i'll be back in a week to update. have a great weekend.
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