Sunday, November 30, 2008

My First Blog

So I am somewhat computer savy, but have never blogged before. I spend so much time reading some wonderful blogs that I was inspired to start writing. Actually, I want to start writing because with each day that passes, my boys grow up a little bit more and I don't want to forget all the wonderful little things that make each day with them such a blessing. Like today at lunch, Jackson leaned over to my mom and said, "hey gramma, I want to listen on your cheek!" My mom looked at me, puzzled. I knew exactly what he meant. I am his mom, I always know. "He wants to tell you a secret," duh, I am thinking to myself. But that is one of the little quirks that is Jackson. My sweet little boy with an expressive language delay that makes him so adorable my heart flutters to think of all the sentences he has botched. I don't care that he gets his subject and verb a little fumbled, or that when he says "my tummies are empty" he is simple stating he's hungry. These are the things I never want to forget. The stories that make my life as a stay at home mom so rewarding. I will chronicle past events too, just to keep everyone up to speed on our two miracles that are Jackson and Logan. My 2 precious blessings sent straight from heaven and are now bringing me and my husband so much joy! So here it is, my blog about my sweet marbles from heaven!
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