Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WIWW...convention options

 Ok, so I'm getting ready to go to my first ever business convention and I'm freaking out a little! What do I wear??? So I though I could enlist all of you fabulous WIWW fashion gals to HELP!

I have a few disclaimers first:
1. Sorry for the quality of pics, my 5 year old was the photographer!
2. Apparently I still adore black, white, and gray, and can't seem to buy color.
So, here we go...

Friday after noon there will be a registration/arrival time.  Then there is a meet and greet with food and our first session.  That is immediately followed by a riverboat cruise dinner that I won to meet the leaders of our company.  So, do I start casual then run to the room and change for the dinner? Arrive in jeans? Are jeans ever appropriate for a convention?  Or maybe the outfit above? shorts? Is a little black dress always a safe bet for an evening out? I really would love some of your thoughts or ideas!

Saturday will be a full day starting at 7am with a buffet breakfast and then an entire day of classes, sessions, meetings and fun.  Do I go with the slacks and cardigan? A sundress and Volitile flip flops for comfort? or maybe these capri dress slacks and the striped sweater in case it's freezing in our meeting rooms?

Had to sneak a pic of this fabulous tank from Forever 21...by far one of my favorite places to shop! Don't think sequins would be good for a convention!

So please, do share! Are you a mommy business women?  How do you dress to go to the office? Out with clients?  I'm new to all of this and so excited I can hardly stand it!!

to do...

working my way through a crazy to do list! summer is here and we are having a blast.  went to the movies this morning! yay for $3 movie day at our theater.  how to train a dragon was just as good the 12th time! hung out with some friends and had fun.  i'm gearing up and getting ready for my first ever business convention! i have been so thrilled to have the opportunity to work from home with plexus worldwide and am loving their products! i'm trying to think ahead to what i should wear and pack for a weekend in new orleans mingling with new friends and learning a ton of new ideas for my business!  also getting some organizing and spring cleaning out of the way! the playroom is finally managable as i parted with 4 trash bags of junk and a whole car load of things to give away and donate!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Good-bye first grade! You were great, but on to second! Jackson is already counting down!

good bye Pre-K, Hello Kindergarten...

sniff, sniff...logan is all done with pre-k. 
Please time...stand still, or at least slow down a little bit!!
Logan had an awesome year with an amazing teacher! We will miss you!! (but will still say hi next year when we pass your classroom in the hall on the way to kindergarten!!)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

24 hour deal!

I try to keep this blog to family stuff but I have some really exciting things happening and wanted to include y'all in the deal! I am an agent with a wonderful company called Plexus Worldwide.  We have some incredible products to offer, the main ones being Plexus Slim and Accelerator!  I had some baby weight that wouldn't budge even with diet and exercise.  I have been amazed and thrilled to  lose 13 pounds and 11 inches on these products.  I have tons more great testimonials of friends and family who are losing weight, feeling great, and getting healthy! Plexus Slim helps stabilize your blood sugar, lower cholesterol, decrease appetite, and help you burn fat.  For the next 24 hours, I am offering a free 3 day trial pack of the Slim and accelerator to anyone who orders as a new preferred customer!  I can't keep this all to myself!  You will be so glad when you start on your journey to losing weight and feeling great with these all natural products!  Click the link below to visit my website or see the logo on my sidebar!! You have until 6 pm monday night!! Ready.Set.ORDER!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Favorite Vacation Spot

We have fallen in LOVE with the Portofino Island Resort in Pensacola Florida!  It is truly a little piece of heaven and just a few hours away for us!! We just got back and had an awesome time.  There are 5 towers of condos, a bay and gulf side, pools, restaurants, tennis courts, bike rentals, kyaks and fun galore!

Looking down from our room to the pool!!
Amazing view from our room!! We absolutely love staying on the Gulf side, but the bay is just as beautiful!

Sitting on our balcony, the gulf is on the left, the bay on the right! How cool is that?!
We purchased the Adventure Pass this time and the boys had a blast with all that was included! These were inflatables on the bay side!!
yep, and paddle boards too!
We got quite the workout paddling!!
Truly a vacation to remember!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

 I remember the day like it was yesterday...when they told me I wouldn't be able to have kids without infertility treatments.  I cried.  My first and only real dream I have had since I was a little girl, was to be a mommy.  After I cried, I prayed.  I prayed night and day for a blessing...for a miracle.

God heard me...God answered me...He knew the desires of my heart...He granted me not just one miracle, but two!  I will cherish my boys always and know that they are a precious gift from the Lord.  I am so truly blessed!! I can't imagine my life without my 2 angels!

A very special person that prayed those miracles into being, was MY mom.  She is amazing.  The most wonderful, servant-hearted woman I know! Thanks mom, for being an example of how to love, give, and serve.  You are incredible and I am so grateful to have not only the best mom, but my best friend! I LOVE YOU more than I can ever say!  Thank you!

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