Friday, August 31, 2012

InstaFriday #hurricaneIsaac

Well, we survived...if you have seen any of the coverage, yes, we live in Slidell and it's a mess. But we are blessed and had NO damage and NO water!!! God is GOOD! It has been a long week waiting out the storm but I'm not complaining. My parents live on the water so they evacuated to our house but they ended up being good too!! Water got high but not in the house. The picture of house with water is a friend's. Please be in prayer for all who lost their homes 7 years to the exact day of hurricane Katrina. jump to for more instafriday!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Waiting for hurricane Isaac

We thought it would hit today but has slowed tremendously so here we sit and eat and wait... Mom and dad are here with us and so far nothing is going on...a little wind, some rain here and there...tonight is supposed to get worse. Pray we keep power!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Love my job..get paid to get healthy!

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all dressed up!!!

I have the wonderful opportunity to be able to work from home!! With my job has come some pretty amazing perks! Last Wednesday I have the priviledge of getting to dress up and get wined and dined by the company! I stressed about a dress and have been working out like crazy to get this baby weight off!!! Take a look!!
That's my amazing mom who got promoted with me and got to go too!! cocktails at the Hilton in New Orleans then a limo ride to Antoinne's in French Quarter for dinner. It was an awesome date night!
and dont forget to jump over to for wiww

School Days

Let the fun begin...I already don't like 3rd grade and Logan is already in 1st!!! Yikes! Not to mention, where did summer go??? First day of school was Aug 6th! We are getting into a morning routine and haven't been late once! yay me!


Oh my...time is flying!! I have a 5 month old, school has started, business if full steam ahead and I just haven't gotten to this blog!! yikes! I need to start writing more so I can remember all the craziness!! Hudson is on the move, scooting, rolling, squirming, to get wherever he wants to go! He is also sitting up for awhile at a time now but still falls over...working on balance. He LOVES his walker and following big brothers around. We also invested in a jumparoo and he goes to town in that thing!! He is a whopping 21 pounds now. He is weaned and eating 3 baby food meals a day with formula bottles for naps and bed. Where did my little one go already??? We have had a rough month with his first ear infection that won't go away and are on round 2 of a new antibiotic. He is still on prevacid for reflux and seems to be doing well with that. I'll post some pics of him to catch up but have so much more going on!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

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