Thursday, August 23, 2012


Oh my...time is flying!! I have a 5 month old, school has started, business if full steam ahead and I just haven't gotten to this blog!! yikes! I need to start writing more so I can remember all the craziness!! Hudson is on the move, scooting, rolling, squirming, to get wherever he wants to go! He is also sitting up for awhile at a time now but still falls over...working on balance. He LOVES his walker and following big brothers around. We also invested in a jumparoo and he goes to town in that thing!! He is a whopping 21 pounds now. He is weaned and eating 3 baby food meals a day with formula bottles for naps and bed. Where did my little one go already??? We have had a rough month with his first ear infection that won't go away and are on round 2 of a new antibiotic. He is still on prevacid for reflux and seems to be doing well with that. I'll post some pics of him to catch up but have so much more going on!!!

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