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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Before and After...

I have been on an amazing journey the last few months!! I've blogged before about starting up with Plexus Slim and being thrilled with my results.  It has all kind of snowballed in the last month or 2 and I feeling great!  The first picture is from last September when my hubby and I went to NYC for our anniversary.  I don't know why I thought tying something around my waist would make me look better!! I'm embarrassed to see this and know that I felt horrible about myself a lot.  I was also struggling severely with my IBS symptoms and it really seemed hopeless.  I just wanted to feel better! Well, fast forward a few months and I'm amazed!  Life has totally turned around for me.  My daily routine consists of taking Plexus Slim and Slim Accelerator first thing in the morning.  I run around like a crazy mom during the day keeping kids happy and myself sane.  Every night I take 2 BioCleanse capsules and all is well.  The pounds (that I couldn't drop after having my baby 5YEARS AGO!) have literally just melted away!  I have not started going to the gym more, if at all, and still don't cook much.  We go out to eat and I do enjoy myself, I'm just eating less.  My sweet tooth is totally gone!  I never imagined that I could be so satisfied with cantaloupe and grapes instead of cookies and brownies.  It is amazing.  My grand total as of this week is...21 pounds lost and 14.5 inches GONE!! I went from a size 12 and am now in mostly 8's and some 6's!!! I've never been a 6 in my entire life!!! I'm sleeping better and feeling awake and energized during the day.  Life is great!  Adding the BioCleanse to my routine has all but eliminated my IBS symptoms.  I can't remember the last time I had painful bloating or cramps.  My digestive system is working like it should and I don't have to avoid social settings for fear of an IBS flair up!! (if you have IBS you know what I'm talking about!! )

Another fabulous aspect of my journey with Plexus Worldwide is I am now 100% working from home!!! No more 12 hour night shifts at the hospital (maybe again one day).  I can email, phone call, blog while the boys are at school or napping, and I don't have to miss soccer games and t-ball games!! I'm making some income as a result of this company and the products I sell and I couldn't be happier with how easy it is and how good I feel about helping people get healthy!!  Thanks so much for sharing in my story with me and please comment or message me if you want more information or questions!!!

crazy week!

Things have been crazy in a very good way! home business is taking off and I LOVE working from home on my own terms! will be back with more of an update and some before and after pics of my weight loss!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the most amazing 2 men that I have in my life!! I have been blessed beyond measure!  I love this picture of my dad because it embodies him! He is happy, outgoing, joyful, giving, and has one of the kindest heart of anyone I know!  I am amazed at the love he has for his family and how totally unselfish he is ALWAYS! He has been an awesome example of a Godly man and father throughout the years! I am so proud and honored to have him as a dad!  Happy Father's Day, dad. I love you more than I could ever express.  Thank you for always being a role model to look up to.  Thank you for your time, your compassion, your wisdom, your generosity, and your guidance!  You are amazing and I'm blessed to call you dad! Lots of love from your favorite brown-eyed, brown-haired daughter!!
And then there is this guy! The amazing father of my children! When I got married, I hoped and dreamed that one day we would have a family and raise children together.  I wished for a man that would be a great dad.  I never in a million years would have imagined that my husband would be more amazing at fatherhood than I could ever hope or dream for.  His children are the light in his world and he loves them more than anything (yes, sometimes i'm sure it's even more than me ;)  He gives to these boys like there is no tomorrow and it melts my heart to watch the boy's eyes twinkle in delight when they are playing with their daddy.  He could have worked 12 hours and had the worst day ever, and when he comes home, he drops everything and loves on his boys.  He plays catch, reads them books, teaches them new things, helps them grow, nurtures them, and fills them up to the top with more love than I ever thought possible!  I am so blessed that God placed such a wonderful man in my life to not only be my husband...but to be the best dad in the whole world to our two miracles.  Thank you John for your love and all you do!!! Happy Father's Day! We love you!!!

InstaFriday...well, saturday...

InstaFriday is our week in review on my iphone with the amazing app called Instagram! Glad you're here!!

There was watching,jumping,gazing,bleeding,floating,swimming, sleeping,cooking, and playing!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


It's that time to post the week in review on my iphone! with the Instagram app (fabulous!)

awesome week! crazy busy! life is great! business is even better! hope you all had a great week and weekend!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zephyrs Baseball!

It's hot! Time for baseball! We took the boys to a zephyers baseball game last week before it got too hot and they LOVED it! I didn't love the part where my kids almost got hit with a crazy fast foul ball that came inches from them and hit the seat in front of us! Scary! But we survived and had a blast (with grandpa too!)  Logan made All-Stars so we have been to practice today and tomorrow and have a tournament this weekend! He is excited!! Happy Wednesday!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Plexus Worldwide 1st Annual Convention!

I am just getting back from the most amazing weekend!! I had the opportunity to go to a convention with a company I work for and it was amazing! It is not very often that you find a business that gives the opportunity to work from home, sell amazing products you believe in, and help people in the process.  I am so inspired and motivated! The convention was in New Orleans at the Hilton and I was so impressed with everything! the weekend was filled with great food, new friends, lots of learning, and even some tears (amazing testimonials that touched us all!) My hubby stayed home with the boys (such a blessing!) and my mom and I had a blast as we are gearing up to help as many people as possible get healthy!!!

Here is my me and my mom with Alfred Peterson, International President of Plexus Worldwide! (great guy!)

Some new friends!!
 We had a marathon 14 hour day on saturday so I opted for the comfy silk shirt and dress slacks.

Me and Amy getting ready for our riverboat dinner cruise! A great evening! (and I didn't get seasick!)

It was so nice to have a weekend away and learn, grow, share, laugh, and dream with some amazing people!

If you want to know more about this fabulous company or the products I love, just message me or click here!

Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm linking up with a new blog that I found! I've posted week in reviews before and LOVE the idea! 
My week in iphone pictures and made fabulous by the wonderful Insta.gram app! If you haven't tried it, do it!

Trying to water and keep everything alive with a near drought here in Louisiana!

Mums in the summer! Who knew? They've come back 2 years in a row now!

 Tying to eat and cook a little better! Yummy on the grill!

Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D! It was awesome!

Gorgeous sky!

Happy Memorial Day!

 Couldn't do life without this amazing new product I've found...and sell.  My IBS is no longer!!!

Swimming at gramma's! Best part of summer!

My new favorite drink! Lemonade Vitamin Water!! Delish and refreshing!!

And my 2 amazing boys that I get to spend the whole summer with just playing and loving!

Happy Summer and have a great weekend!
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