Thursday, June 23, 2011

Before and After...

I have been on an amazing journey the last few months!! I've blogged before about starting up with Plexus Slim and being thrilled with my results.  It has all kind of snowballed in the last month or 2 and I feeling great!  The first picture is from last September when my hubby and I went to NYC for our anniversary.  I don't know why I thought tying something around my waist would make me look better!! I'm embarrassed to see this and know that I felt horrible about myself a lot.  I was also struggling severely with my IBS symptoms and it really seemed hopeless.  I just wanted to feel better! Well, fast forward a few months and I'm amazed!  Life has totally turned around for me.  My daily routine consists of taking Plexus Slim and Slim Accelerator first thing in the morning.  I run around like a crazy mom during the day keeping kids happy and myself sane.  Every night I take 2 BioCleanse capsules and all is well.  The pounds (that I couldn't drop after having my baby 5YEARS AGO!) have literally just melted away!  I have not started going to the gym more, if at all, and still don't cook much.  We go out to eat and I do enjoy myself, I'm just eating less.  My sweet tooth is totally gone!  I never imagined that I could be so satisfied with cantaloupe and grapes instead of cookies and brownies.  It is amazing.  My grand total as of this week is...21 pounds lost and 14.5 inches GONE!! I went from a size 12 and am now in mostly 8's and some 6's!!! I've never been a 6 in my entire life!!! I'm sleeping better and feeling awake and energized during the day.  Life is great!  Adding the BioCleanse to my routine has all but eliminated my IBS symptoms.  I can't remember the last time I had painful bloating or cramps.  My digestive system is working like it should and I don't have to avoid social settings for fear of an IBS flair up!! (if you have IBS you know what I'm talking about!! )

Another fabulous aspect of my journey with Plexus Worldwide is I am now 100% working from home!!! No more 12 hour night shifts at the hospital (maybe again one day).  I can email, phone call, blog while the boys are at school or napping, and I don't have to miss soccer games and t-ball games!! I'm making some income as a result of this company and the products I sell and I couldn't be happier with how easy it is and how good I feel about helping people get healthy!!  Thanks so much for sharing in my story with me and please comment or message me if you want more information or questions!!!

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aliciadpo said...

I just sent you an email! I am interested and seeing you are a nurse as well....I thoroughly know the challenges of juggling my time with diet/exercise. Thank you!

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