Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WIWW...convention options

 Ok, so I'm getting ready to go to my first ever business convention and I'm freaking out a little! What do I wear??? So I though I could enlist all of you fabulous WIWW fashion gals to HELP!

I have a few disclaimers first:
1. Sorry for the quality of pics, my 5 year old was the photographer!
2. Apparently I still adore black, white, and gray, and can't seem to buy color.
So, here we go...

Friday after noon there will be a registration/arrival time.  Then there is a meet and greet with food and our first session.  That is immediately followed by a riverboat cruise dinner that I won to meet the leaders of our company.  So, do I start casual then run to the room and change for the dinner? Arrive in jeans? Are jeans ever appropriate for a convention?  Or maybe the outfit above? shorts? Is a little black dress always a safe bet for an evening out? I really would love some of your thoughts or ideas!

Saturday will be a full day starting at 7am with a buffet breakfast and then an entire day of classes, sessions, meetings and fun.  Do I go with the slacks and cardigan? A sundress and Volitile flip flops for comfort? or maybe these capri dress slacks and the striped sweater in case it's freezing in our meeting rooms?

Had to sneak a pic of this fabulous tank from Forever 21...by far one of my favorite places to shop! Don't think sequins would be good for a convention!

So please, do share! Are you a mommy business women?  How do you dress to go to the office? Out with clients?  I'm new to all of this and so excited I can hardly stand it!!


Cami said...

I recommend that you do not wear jeans, shorts or flip flops

Little Black dress for the evening out. Capris or slacks with nice tank/blouse for meetings. The outfit with the stripped top is good as is the one with the black blazer/sweater. I think for registration, the silk tank and jeans would be okay (You look hot in that photo, by the way!!)

Maybe throw in a skirt or two. Target has some great cotton (merona is the brand) skirts that are comfortable and casual will still dressing up.



You should dress professionally to stand out and to make a good impression. The "higher ups" will remember those who dressed for success and those who did not.

Have fun!!

Cami said...

even if others are dressed in shorts, I still think you should stay the course and dress for success.

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