Friday, January 8, 2010

operation organization!

So the cold air has perked me up a bit! As the boys play nicely together, I am tackling a few projects!  The christmas decor is all put away in fabulous red and green rubbermaid bins.  This was my second year to phase ouy old cardboard boxes and switch over to these wonderful tubs that make my attic look almost inviting! Easy stacking and storing, easy finding what I need! I purchased some orange ones for fall and will move onto easter, mardi gras, and summer bins as the year progresses!!

So in the spirit of ringing in the new year with resolutions (which I have yet to make), I am going room to room and getting rid of stuff, organizing and giving everything a good cleaning!  Check with me in march to see how much I got done!! :)  Anyway, the boys room is well on it's way to becoming user friendly.  I will no longer have clean clothes piled up with no place to go because the last 4 hours has resulted in cleaned and thinned out dresser drawers and closet!  The boys share a room and I think that makes mine a challenge to fit 2 kids clothes in one dresser and closet.  I have also decided that it is a sin to have so many clothes for my kids! Bargain shopping and sale hunting has resulted in way too much stuff! 

I hope everyone is staying warm during this crazy artic blast! (and I'm in Louisiana!) Can you believe no school today for a "cold weather day" Oh well, my little one is slowly on the road to recovery and going to tackle another room during naps! 


Kristina--Picky Tots said...

I am envious of your organization moments, I need to get into gear! I hear you on the clothes. I have one child and so so so many clothes that I have yet to fully let go of! Love the idea for storage bins based on color of the season or holiday!

TheFancyFritter said...

I'm in Louisiana too & it is soo cold! :)

I have been doing that too the last few days & it feels so good to get rid of stuff! :)

Have a great weekend! Stay warm! :)

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