Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday!

i am a major failure at taking pictures of my outfits, but think about it everyday when i pick my outfit!! if you have no idea why i'm posting this jump over to and see her adorable linky for wednesdays!

ok, RUN, don't walk to Forever 21 girls! I'm so serious.  That place rocks and I have a few new things that I adore. This black jacket is soft, comfy, belted (so I don't look like a snowman), and oh, so warm! It is COLD here in Louisiana lately and I have to admit, I've been wearing this jacket everyday!(30 bucks people!
GO get one!) Changed the scarf though! Here is the most boring wiww ever!

And totally had to include this dressing room shot! size 8 jeans baby!! oh and 75% off the already sale price!! 65$ jeans for 9$!! Can't beat that!  Maurices jeans are awesome, a little spandex to stretch and move with ya! (don't you love the concentration on my face!?)


Tamara said...

uhm no....i'm pretty sure i won the most boring wiww contest! :) seriously though, i'm realizing i have no accessories AT ALL. funny you should mention forever 21 because i was thinking about going there this weekend to get come necklaces...etc. i love the jacket!

Anonymous said...

You are the 2nd person to mention Forever 21 to me this week. I figured they only had stuff for young ones :) oops I forget you are a "baby" :p

mom2marbles said...

gina, GO NOW!! you won't regret it! your skinny butt could fit in any of their clothes! and GREAT accessories for CHEAP!!!

Anonymous said...

The jacket is too cute!

Anonymous said...

You have great style. Love the pic with you and the kids -- too cute!

TheFancyFritter said...

How fun! Love the jacket! I'm in North Louisiana & we don't have one locally, but when we took a trip to Dallas in October I got 2 shirts from there that I love! Very fun store! :-) Great job on the cheap, cute jeans too!

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