Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lots to cover in one big blog post...

WIWW, A Confession, A Thank You, and Some Motivation!

 Okay, so when the weather looks like the above picture, which it did a lot this week, all I want to wear is what is pictured below! sigh, I know...yes, those are matching sweats from too long ago to remember from Aeropostle.  And yes, those are Target's version of Ugg boots that I have been living in this month.  Does that make me a WIWW failure?! Totally defeats the purpose, right? sorry.  Comfort first has always been my motto and I'm not easy to change.

So, I decided to throw on some jeans and this awesome raincoat from Target (last year clearance for 12 dollars!)  A little step in the right direction! Or my hubby thought so when I met him for a quick lunch! Um, the boots are not pictured so you don't laugh that I did keep those on!
 (remind me to clear my counter before I take a picture! yikes!)

 So then I thought to myself, why is it so hard to pick a cute outfit? Well, maybe because this is what my closet looks like! GASP!

...and a closer look at the floor.

So I started cleaning and purging yesterday! VERY refreshing! Anything that hadn't been touched in more than a year was out! I was feeling unlike myself and just kept pulling things out and putting them in the giveaway pile.  The pile of empty hangers grew and I felt a rush of something...not quite sure...where did the motivation come from?? OH, yes, nothing to wear to look cute for my WIWW post.

And why does it always get worse before it gets better?? Well I just have to say that I have 2 boxes of clothes to donate and I vacuumed my closet floor last night! WOO HOO!! 

I am really hoping a clean closet will help me feel better and make picking an outfit every morning a little more enjoyable!

Now on to the confession and thank you part.  Confession: I am a little overwhelmed with joy that my follower numbers keep going up!  When I started writing 2 years ago, it was literally a place to jump on and keep track of a little bit of this and that as my life seemed to get crazier and crazier.  Now there are 40 of you followers who stop by and read and comment and I wanted to say thank you.  I am glad, for whatever reason, that you are here and have stopped by and I hope to be a little encouragement or maybe a chuckle or 2 for you.  I was never in the cool crowd...ever.  I always looked in on groups and wished I could be a part of something.  I never even got asked to go to my senior prom for goodness sake.  Well, now, it is nice to have friends in this amazing blog world.  I feel a part of something bigger.  I have "met" so many great people through the Internet and found encouragement, inspiration, joy, and friendship in a very unlikely place.  So thank you to all who have taken the time to stop by...and thank you so much for your comments too, I LOVE them (maybe a little too much) as now, I feel included all because of you...thanks!


Dee said...

You look adorable! Love the trench coat! I hope that you donated to Goodwill....I will probably show up wearing something of your in my next post!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet and honest post. My closet is not tidy, which is really embarrassing as the rest of the house is in perfect order. I don't have many clothes because life was just too busy for fashion. All of that has changed and I hope by the end of the year that my closet runneth over like yours! : )

Cami said...

TIME OUT! I'm here to say (in all of my egotistical glory) that you WERE part of the cool crowd at BCCs youth group - because you hung with me!!

I enjoy reading your blog - I'll try to comment more often.

And because of your clothing blogs, I've started wearing scarves : )

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