Thursday, January 13, 2011

plate not bowl...

For those of you who are new or who are just stopping by, this post is mostly for me but just some oldest is adorable and sweet and kind and also has a sensory processing disorder as well as OCD and most of his symptoms pertain to food and extreme picky eating.  I've occasionally used this blog as a bookmark of sorts to keep up with little victories as well as discouraging mommy times.  In my attempt to change a little something, I dumped his mandarin oranges onto a plate instead of leaving them in their nice little individually portioned little clear bowls.  He always wants 2, extra cold, juice drained and eats them with his fingers (please, no judging, it's a VERY long story).  Anyway, after dropping them out of the fridge and them busting open all over my newly mopped floor, I decided to dump them onto the plate for my benefit...but this is Jackson and this could be a big deal.  There were questions...hesitation...then he scarfed them down like he usually does and that was that.  I love that kid!  He also tasted a new strawberry yogurt, Danibals instead of Dora and survived, but after one bite did say he really didn't like it, and I admit, the texture was very different than he is used to.  He got a sticker on his chart and on his merry way he went.  Baby steps...

update- Jackson was able to sit at the dinner table tonight while me, little brother, grandma, and grandpa ate pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  He ate a banana, bacon, and Tyson chicken fries, all while discussing what we were eating and not being bothered by it at all.  He didn't request to get down from the dinner table or complain about his close proximity to all of our food while he was eating his! :)

List of Jackson's SAFE foods:

-Turkey bacon, extra crispy and hot
-Most chicken nuggets (not mcdonald's) and most chicken tenders, hot and crispy  
-Dora yogurt- strawberry and strawberry vanilla flavors only, must be cold (won't eat it packed in his lunch with cold pack)
-Honey Maid Graham crackers (honey only, either all squares or all rectangles)
-Nutragrain bars (strawberry only) (tried wal mart brand this week but didn't like, good experience though)
-Tortilla chips at our favorite Mexican restaurant with lots of salt (will not eat bagged chips)
-Apples, red delicious are his favorite and has ventured out to gala and honeycrisp. Does not like granny smith and golden delicious. Prefers cut in wedges (esp now with lose front tooth and another one missing)
-purple grapes ( washed with him watching, prefers to eat them dripping wet) has tried green grapes and doesn't like them.
-Peaches in a can in juice (won't eat fruit cocktail), cold
-Mandarin oranges (won't make the jump to fresh oranges), cold
-Raisins- only at grandma's and very rarely (over stuffs his mouth when he does eat them)
-Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream with crushed Butterfinger candy bar on top
-Nestle Kruch ice cream bar
-Capri Sun Roaring Waters Strawberry Kiwi (can't get him to transition to any other flavor)
-Apple juice ("green box juice" as he calls it, will only drink Juicy Juice Apple juice)
-Fruit snacks-(over stuffs his mouth when eating this) transitions very well with new snacks based on character likability (batman, spiderman, mario brothers.  He just tried fruit snack gushers with liquid inside and ate the whole package and then commented he didn't like them as much and hasn't asked for them again.  he didn't know they were gushers when he opened them and first ate them)

and that is pretty much it...

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Kristina--Picky Tots said...

Yes! Great job..that is exactly the kind of small " doable" change I was talking about! Great post, thanks for sharing!

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