Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Home goals...

so, I have a gazillion things that I would love to get done around the house this year!  One huge project that I am so tired of looking at is the bonus room upstairs!  I HAVE to get that room under control!  It is a room where things get dumped and we close the door and don't think about it.  We have a walk out attic that is accessed through that room so stuff that needs to go to the attic ends up in the room as well as other "stuff" that doesn't have a home.  It needs to be a functioning guest room and office space for my husband for occasional use (2nd office).  I need HELP and ADVICE!!! Ideas please! Here are how it looks tonight with christmas mess and other stuff that just ends up there!

The other major goal I have is to make a wonderful and unique gallery wall as a focal point in our breakfast room.  Right now I have one huge picture off center to hang in a stud and it drives me crazy.  I have been looking for ideas of what to include on the wall and want it to be interesting and fabulous.  HEre is the wall as it looks now.
...needs some help, huh??  I know, I know, it's awful!

I also have a chair project that is a year and counting, it needs to be recovered and I'm stuck. sigh.


Ellie said...

Won't it feel good to get those projects off your chest! Best wishes this year!

dwhite said...

An Uppercase Living "Grande" format - they are huge & awesome & you wouldn't have to worry about studs.

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