Monday, January 3, 2011

monday...random thoughts

The first monday of 2011!  Got both kids to school on time! Ran a few errands. Had a breakfast date with my hubby! Still thinking about this new year and everything that is in store for me.  I've been doing quite a bit of thinking, praying, listening lately. I thing that is a good thing.  Just want to make sure I am walking in the direction God wants me to.  Don't know where I'm headed, really, but am trusting in God's lead!  I spent over an hour on a great website last night! Passion conference is going on right now in Atlanta and you can watch the video stream from it! Pretty amazing stuff! but it looks like it is time sensitive...the first session I watched last night already isn't available! check it out while you can.

On another note, this is the first January that I'm not freaking out about what the scale says!  I have been using Plexus Slim for 60 days now and I THRILLED!! I've lost 9 pounds and several inches all while eating the same over the holidays!! I actually just bought a pair of 7/8 jeans for the first time since having kids! WOW!  I am also taking their Bio Cleanse and couldn't be happier with how I am feeling and the IBS symptoms that have resolved!  If you are curious, looking to loose weight, or just want to feel better, sleep better, check out my website and see what I'm so thrilled about!! You can order a free sample to see what it tastes like, or 7 day trial to begin a great new you!  Become a preferred customer and get a discount on the price!  Let me know if you have any questions or what you think!


janelle said...

Just ordered the free sample!!! Thanks!! Janelle

Anonymous said...

I ordered and received the free sample, but have not tried it yet. It almost sounds to good to be true :)

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