Tuesday, January 18, 2011

moving up the chain...

(boring blog post alert!)

Jackson made a very successful, anxiety free step up in food chaining this week! He is my turkey bacon kid.  He LOVES turkey bacon...hot and extra crispy.  We've tried countless times to get him to try regular bacon.  As recently as when he was in the hospital, it came on his breakfast tray and he refused it in a panic.  This past weekend I bought some center cut, hickory bacon after reading about the terrible nitrates in turkey bacon (don't know that regular is much healthier but that's beside the point!)  So yesterday, without any drama or announcement on my part I just made the new bacon, hot and extra crispy, put it on a plate and gave it to him.  He looked at it...exclaimed, "this looks strange!", then picked it up and ate 3 pieces.  Just like that.  So in hoping that he was indeed accepting of it, I tried it again today and no hesitation, no questions, he ate it!  So nice to have a success after I've thrown out so many tasting foods that he doesn't like.  He tried and didn't like a Nutragrain super fusion strawberry pomegranate bar, and no way on any new yogurts this week.  But we will keep trying! Oh, and a trip to Cane's yesterday yielded a very yummy and successful lunch of their chicken, however ended in doses of Benadryl for itchy rash...oops on the possible egg whites to dip their batter?

And just for fun, a picture of my youngest who has no problem eating pizza and other fun foods!

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