Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just Perfect!

Well, it's that time of year! Well actually it is way past the time it should be this year.  It is Christmas card time and this year I am way behind.  It is amazing that every year Christmas falls on December 25th and every year I stress out about getting our Christmas cards done and out to everyone on time.  And of course, I want everything about it to be just perfect.  I want the picture of our family to tell a story about our entire year.  I set high hopes that we will capture that one perfect image that makes everyone who receives it squeal in delight and sigh at the joy it brings.  I stress about the lighting, the color, the outfits, the haircuts! You name it and I want it to be perfect.  And that is just the picture.  Then there is the card.  What colors, format, layout, company will I get the cards from? How many should I order? Should I just do a facebook card and call it a day?  Oh the decisions I have to make!  All this when I received my first Christmas card in the mail today!! Can you believe? I have friends who are so on top of things and then there is me! I haven't even taken the perfect picture yet!  Well, until five minutes ago that is!  I heard about this amazing promotion from Shutterfly for bloggers and I squealed with delight that my Christmas card prayers were going to be answered this year!  As I got on the website to browse, I was thrilled with the selection of the beautiful cards!!  So stylish and colorful and so many to choose from!  And I know I need at least 50!! How amazing would that be to get those free?? My mind is swirling at the choices, the selection, how do I find the one card that is just perfect for this year?  And then I started to think, I need invites to my son's Christmas cookie party!  Oh how wonderful to order from Shutterfly and get some of those too!  And then I saw all the other great gifts that I should order for granny and grandma! Ooh La La!  Now to choose the picture, the card, the gifts that will make this Christmas season so wonderful and send a little joy to friends and family in the mail with the Christmas card that is just perfect!

What do you think about this one?

...or maybe this one? oh, the decisions!!

...or maybe this is the perfect one!! Oh the choices! You will just have to wait and find out!  And thank you to Shutterfly for making the decision such a 'hard' one with all these amazing choices!!!

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