Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm so not good at making, and keeping resolutions!  This year I'm taking more of a to do list approach.  I seriously cannot believe 2010 is over.  Where did those 12 months go? My boys are 1 year older, and it is flying by.  Everyone always says that's what happens and now I know it's true.  In a quick post tonight, I just wanted to jot some things down for the new's my top 10 in my mind right now:

1. Read my Bible more
2. be still a little more...listen
3. scrapbook
4. be better and what I do, no matter what that may, house-keeping
5. continue to work on living healthy (
6. go to 2 concerts this year
7. attend 2 conferences this year (for women, marriage, something to help me grow)
8. get involved a little, neighborhood, community
9. work out...get back into spinning and swimming
10. be the best mom and wife i can be in 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

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