Monday, December 20, 2010

christmas vacation plans...

So, what do you all do when school is out and the kids are wild?? Today we cleaned and unpacked! The boys didn't like that very much.  By 3 in the afternoon, they were fighting and not playing well and I didn't have anything planned.  Tomorrow we are going to go see yogi bear and then wednesday we have invited jackson's first grade class over for a christmas party (he started planning it when he was in the hospital!) We invited all 25 kids and have no idea how many will actually come.  A little nervous about that! thursday is a trip to new orleans for dermatology appointments for both boys and i'm hoping my hubby will be off and we can go to the mall to see santa! maybe that would be a crazy idea 2 days before Christmas!?  Then all next week, NO PLANS! AAAHHHH.  Any good ideas to keep us all from going crazy and having a little fun while on break from school?

Here are a few pictures from Christmas parties at school on friday.  We love the boy's school and had a great time!

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