Thursday, October 15, 2009

so hot out here...

There is something very wrong with the fact that I just went out to mow the lawn and had to come in as to not suffer from heat exhaustion! Where is it normal to be 86 degrees with 99% humidity on October 15th??? Crazy. Not to mention the fact that it has been raining for the last week and the ground is soggy and muddy. I had to come running inside and strip my clothes off in the laundry room after realizing that the fire ants had crawled over my tennis shoes and under my jeans and once they started biting I looked down to see them all over me! Dear God, what is the purpose of fire ants????
Anyway, just got a COLD diet coke and hot shower and am feeling better, minus the ant bites that itch like crazy. Hope you all are enjoying more seasonable fall weather where you are!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not... because I'm feeling your pain. I even got into fire ants the other day. No fun.

Crossing my fingers for that cold front to actually come through tonight!

Kristina--Picky Tots said...

That does NOT sound like a fun moment! It is Raining...but 57 degrees here all day. I think the happy medium is somewhere in Hawaii. Lets catch the next flight

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