Monday, October 19, 2009

M,M&M (Part 2) Just the Beginning...

This is such a great idea! Thanks to Rachel, I will be attempting to give our story half the entertaining quality as she has over on her blog! But like she says, it is God's story and we are just living it and sharing! Hope you enjoy.

1999 was coming to an end. Y2K was the buzz. The world was wondering what 2000 would bring. I had no idea that this would be the year that changed my life forever. I had graduated nursing school in May of 1999 and moved back home to Louisiana after being more homesick than I had anticipated. I had only been 2 hours away, but now that the craziness of school was over and I was entering the grown up world, my heart longed to be back home with the support of my parents and sisters. I had initially taken a job near the University I graduated from and a month into the stressful world of being a registered nurse, I turned in my 2 weeks notice and packed my bags for home. Little did I know that God was already orchestrating the path that would lead to meeting the future Mr. M.

December 31st was a crazy day at work. Everyone was freaking out that the computers would crash, monitors would shut down, and the intensive care unit where I worked would be incapacitated as the year rolled to 2000. Administration was sending out notices and everyone was on alert. Someone else was on alert that day too, but for a different reason. The sweetest, kindest, most caring and God-fearing lady who occupied her 60 year old self as the patient representative at the hospital where I worked had heard a rumor that a new male nurse had been hired and would be starting work on the unit soon. Miss "M" had her eye out for poor ole me who had yet to see a date in my years since praying for that special someone to be dropped in my lap. I had become her little pet project to find a mate, or at least a date, in the new millennium. She squealed with delight in hearing an "eligible" and handsome new hire would possibly be a "match" for me. I giggled at her matchmaking attempt but deep down my stomach fluttered at even the thought of meeting someone new.

It is crazy that life's curve balls can be God's plan. Or maybe God just finds a way to make himself known in spite of life's curve balls. For Mr. M, life had been full of hurt and heartache. In his 26 years of life to that point, he had experienced love, loss, hope, fear, success, pain, rejection and so much more than anyone should have to handle in so few years. It was through all of that, that his path grew closer and closer to crossing mine. A series of painful events led him into town, in search of a job, looking for a new chance, a new start, a new beginning. He, however, had no idea that what he would find here, was not what he had come searching for.

January 3rd, 2000 ended up being just another day to wake up early and come to work. Y2K was nothing. A whole lot of nothing. Nothing happened to the computers. The world didn't come to an end. Life went on just as it had before. I got up, took a shower, and headed to my day shift position in ICU. I had forgotten that Miss "M" had mentioned that the new guy had started and would be finishing a night shift as I came on. I hadn't given any thought to the buzz that Mr. M was "all that" and people were talking. I had not even anticipated that day to be any different than any other day. That was until the elevator stopped on the 3rd floor, the doors opened, and there he stood. Tall, dark, and, handsome. Tired from the night shift he had just finished. My heart jumped as I stepped out of the elevator and he stepped in. We brushed arms as we passed each other. My mind raced, wondering if it was HIM. Was this the new guy? (whoever he was, he smelled good!) It had to be. It was only a second, a mere instant that came and went. Our paths crossed and we had no idea that it was just the beginning.


Amy said...

Oooh! I got chills as you brushed arms!! I can't wait to read more!

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Amy said, it was almost like I was there in the elevator.

Now I'm curious to see what happened to that two weeks notice... :)

Sara said...

the two weeks notice was at the hospital i started working at in Mobile, right after graduation. I only lasted there a month and then put in my notice so i could move home to Louisiana. The new hospital I got a job at was the one Mr. M started working at jan 2nd. Sorry if I didn't make that clear. Still working on my writing skills! said...

wow... what happened next!!!???!!! you write as if i was romance-novel-cover-model with windblown-fabio-esque hair and buldging muscles during the moment when we first crossed paths, or should i say 'when the winds of fate collided with the urgency of of getting a date'? hmmm. poet, didn't know it. hurry up and get to the part about me finally getting up the courage to ask you out, only to have you say 'no thanks'.

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