Thursday, October 1, 2009


Ok, so I thought I would try out a little giveaway just for fun. I got the idea from here, so jump over there and check out her site, but come right back to see what you can win here!!

Today is October 1st. For a lot of people it means getting ready for halloween, looking for pumpkin patches, settling in to enjoy some fabulous fall weather and spiced apple cider. But for a lot of other people, it is an amazing month of remembering and recognizing breast cancer awareness month. If you are reading this blog, you are most likely someone who has either had or known someone close that has been touched by breast cancer. A mom, sister, aunt, friend, gramma, or daughter. Everyone has a story.

I had a little scare 2 years ago. I found a lump. It is scary, horrible, and happens to so many. I had it check out. My doctor thought it wasn't anything to worry about, but I still worried. So i had a mammogram and ultrasound! Turns out it is just dense, fibrous tissue. Whew. But now I know what is "normal" for me and I will be able to detect a "change" in my breast tissue during a monthly exam because I know what feels usual for me!

So to kick off this month, I am giving away an entire PINK PACKAGE!! It will have all kinds of goodies in it. A t-shirt, a breast chek kit, stickers, and some very helpful breast health info for you and to share with someone you love this October! It will be a value of over $100!! And it's my first giveaway!!!

Just leave me a comment about what October means to you, or if you have been touched by breast cancer in any way, share your story!! I will select a random winner next week and get back to you! make sure there is some way to get in touch with you on your comment!!

And just because it's my blog I am going to give you some info to remember!!!

-Breast cancer affects 1 in 7 women! (yikes)

-A woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 3 minutes.

-Most women do not perform monthly breast self exams (early detection is key!)

-Exercise, eat right, and perform monthly breast self-exams, it could save your life!

-If you are over 35, talk to your doctor about a mammogram!

I look forward to hearing from you! Happy October 1st!!!


Ryann said...

I didn't know that you had a blog! Now I'm going to learn all about you:)

As for my favorite October moment-cooking. This month kicks off the season of pumpkin and I love the baking that goes with it!

Shana said...

My husband's aunt passed away in February of this year after a few years battling breast cancer. I think this is an awesome giveaway and I am thrilled to enter. God Bless You.

Jenna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and thanks for the tip about popcicles to help Jace stay hydrated with the flu. He loves them and that is an awesome idea :)

My favorite October moment isn't the cold weather :( but since it does get cold I do love new fall clothes!

Thanks for the tips and statistics about breast cancer, we should all be more aware!

dwhite said...

I love October because some of my favorite people have birthdays this month, it's pumpkin time, Halloween time, leaf turning time, cooling down time and lots of get togethers time! Don't enter me in your give-away, just wanted to post a comment. I've got all that stuff you are giving away - even the "extra stuff" ie nekked pics of BG!!

Anonymous said...

Rather than take up your entire comment space, I will just put a link to my breast cancer post from yesterday (even though you already read it, oh well):

Also: I like October because I can make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies :)

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