Monday, October 26, 2009

Not me monday...

I certainly would never have waited until the day before the Fall Festival to run around town (just like last year) looking for the perfect cowboy attire for my kiddos so they wouldn't be disappointed that they were the only ones not dressed up. And I never would pay full price (an arm and a leg) for the cutest cowboy hats I found at the halloween store, just so my 5 year old would be happy that he was a "cool cowboy!" That would just be crazy!!

I certainly did NOT let my child go to school looking like this because he hates haircuts and it has been long overdue!

And I would never have let him go to a special event like fall festival for school looking so disheveled.

I would never have waited until yesterday when my hubby was taking a nap to bribe my child with unlimited amounts of candy to sit still long enough to cut that mop of hair! Nope, NOT ME!


Blessed Mama said...

i have never bribed my kiddos with candy, either... hee hee!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! The boys look awesome, even though those are NOT the expensive Halloween store costumes. :)

And I've never, ever bribed my child with candy either. I don't know WHAT kind of mom would do that! ;)

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