Monday, October 26, 2009

M,M&M (Part 3) Waiting

A month had gone by since that fateful elevator "meeting." We had passed for a moment and didn't realize that it would be the beginning of something special. We were introduced by a fellow nurse on the unit and had exchanged pleasantries on many occasions. I was working days and he was scheduled on the night shift. Day after day, I found myself getting antsy as my shift neared it's end, wondering, and then hoping Mr. M would be walking through the doors to work that night. I learned bits and pieces about his life but he seemed mysterious, almost shy at times. The buzz was that he was very much available and there were many people we worked with who started talking that we would be great together as a couple.

Now at 23 I had been very good at living the single life. I graduated from nursing school, moved home, bought my first place on my own, and settled into praying and waiting for what God had for me. I have to admit that the thought of going out on a first date with anyone scared the living daylights out of me. My heart would race and my palms sweat at the mere thought of being alone with a man on a date. I felt like a giddy school girl and would try to suppress the butterflies as my mind would wander to the "what ifs" every time I saw Mr. M.

Another month went by and Mr. M and I still were only chatting at work as the shifts would change. He had an amazing smile. White teeth, fabulous lips, the whole nine yards. And that mattered. Oh yes. It's funny how being single for so long had resulted in me making a quite extensive requirement check list in my head for my future husband and what I wanted. Top of the list right after a heart that seeks Christ was "a great smile!" Yep, call me vain, but that was a big make or break feature. One that I could check off with flying colors about Mr. M. When he laughed or smiled, I secretly melted. A feeling that would also occur just at the thought of him walking into the room in those royal blue scrubs! But we won't go into details about all of that.

Another requirement was he had to be smart. I know, I'm shallow. Not really. I wanted someone who was motivated, inspiring, strong! I soon found out that Mr. M also fit that and beyond. He would take great pleasure in teaching me new things about complex ICU patients and I swooned at his knowledge and ability to explain things so they could make sense. I will never forget the time he asked me if I had ever heard a heart murmur. I said no and he said, "my patient has one, wanna come listen?" My heart lept at the thought of him teaching me! We went into the patients room. He held his stethoscope on the patient and then placed it in my ears. We were only 2 feet apart, if that and the last thing on my mind was the murmur I was trying to hear. Mr. M smelled heavenly and I couldn't think about anything except that. There were days of moments like this that seemed to indicate he was interested in me.

And yet another month went by and I felt like Mr. M and I had a connection that was special. I would let my mind wander to what our first date would be and started wondering if he was ever going to ask me out. Being the old-fashioned type, I was standing my ground and waiting for him to make the first move. I thought for sure he would catch me after a unit meeting or something. Was I missing signals? Was I making it all up in my head. He really did seem interested...I thought. I resorted to the school girls games of asking so and so if so and so had heard anything about if he liked me. Or tell her to ask him what he thought of me. But don't make it obvious! etc. etc. I had even stooped to blatant flirting. Touching up my makeup before report. Taking my long hair down from my clip as we talked about our patient load. Horrible, I know. But I really liked this guy. REALLY.

I prayed for patience, wisdom. Dear Lord, is this the one? The waiting was tortuous but would soon pay off...just not soon enough.


Amy said...

I bet it was SOOOO hard to wait for him to make the first move!! I can't wait to see how it all comes together! :)

Brooke said...

i love those first moments where just standing next to each other gives you the tinglies!! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to leave us hanging! :P

I literally got goosebumps on my arms reading about leaning in to hear the heart murmur. I would have been the same way! No, I take that back, I probably would have pretended I couldn't hear it just to have an excuse to stand next to him for a few more minutes! :) said...

ultra bright toothpaste. $0.98 a tube. no joke, and as you can attest, i swear by it. nevertheless, it's comforting to know that my teeth had evolved to a point when i met you that they apparently made quite an impression. i'm guessing very few people born and raised in mississippi can say that they won the heart of a new york gal with their smile [alone]. can't wait to get my first pair of shoes so i can show my best friend, bubba!!!

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