Sunday, March 1, 2009


After just tucking my boys into bed and squeezing them tight, I am reminded of how precious life is, especially the miracles that are my boys. As their eyes close and they drift off to blissful dreams and peaceful sleep, I long to keep them little and safe. I can't imagine anything ever happening to them and try to protect them from any harm that I can. It is with those thoughts that my heart aches for any parent who has suffered the loss of a baby or child, or who is taking care of one that is sick. In this newly discovered blog world, my eyes have been open to how comfortable I am. I have realized that we live in a big world, with big hurts, but we serve a big God who will walk with us through whatever life brings. I have shed tears at my computer screen for baby audrey, prayed for baby stellan and read about the miracle he is. I have asked God why he had to take baby cora home so suddenly and why her parents now mourn with empty arms. I have also been left with haunting questions about why God allows little girls like Abby to struggle for her life as she fights leukemia. Oh, how short and precious life is. How fragile, yet so taken for granted. I am humbled and even ashamed of the thoughts that often cloud my life. The jealousy, materialism, and "stuff" that overshadow what this life is about. I hope that I am able to allow jesus to shine through me, that I may minister to even one hurting soul in this world. I pray that God will be near to all who hurt and that they may come to know His peace in hard times.

Please pray for Abby, and when you think of her, pray for all the hurting children in this world. Make that any hurting soul. Lord, may you reveal yourself to us and make your purpose known to all who endure suffering in this life. May you be peace to the troubled and comfort to the brokenhearted.

abby's button is now on my sidebar if you want to read her story and pray for the family.

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