Friday, March 13, 2009

things are looking up!

I love the world of the internet. Log on and there you have it, a whole 'nother world at your fingertips. The blog world has been especially intriguing to me. I have "met" so many new people and love reading about the lives of people from different places. My sidebar obviously has just a few that have touched my heart and have special meaning to me. Check them out if you have a minute to browse. The blog world has also opened up a wonderful resource for me as a mom who is searching for answers for her little boy. I was so delighted when I found Cheri and her food chaining book,, and have now had the most amazing day as a result of clicking on over. A comment of mine on cheri's blog was followed by another gal who is a speech and language pathologist and I noticed she also specialized in food disorders in kids. She does food therapy and was interested in the food chaining because it was something she already did in her practice. So I clicked on over,, and read some great stuff that I felt would help jackson. Fast forward 10 clicks or so and 2 phone calls and before I knew it, I was talking to the very person who had commented on cheri's site. She called me!!!! We had a fabulous talk and she sent me some great resources about food therapy. I was so delighted to talk to someone who knew exactly what I was dealing with and had answers and advice for me!! God is so good. So while it is going to be a long process, I feel like we are finally making baby steps toward the goal of getting Jackson to eat and enjoy it!
It's a wonderful and small blog world and things are looking up!!!

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Kristina said...

It was so great meeting you over the phone! Thanks for the nice post! I think I have the comment settings correct on and am posting another 'food' video!

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