Sunday, March 8, 2009


we overslept a little with the time change and jumped up to get ready for church. jackson ate 3 peices of turkey bacon for breakfast and off we went. we always go out to eat on sunday after church and jackson does fairly well lately with certain chicken tenders and/or nuggets from various local spots. but today daddy was out of town so off to wendy's we went for a quick lunch. his usual favorite, though, got a big thumbs down. i had to bribe him with some coke to get him to eat 2 chicken nuggets. that was it. after 20 min. of trying to convince jackson it was time to eat and him refusing and saying, "i'm not hungry anyway" over and over, i stopped and let him be done. then off to swim in grandma's hot tub for an hour. that should work up an appetite, right? nope. one bite of a banana, and he was good. 2 hour nap, some coloring, back to grandma's for pizza night. well for us it is pizza night, for jackson it is just go to grandma's play with all her cool toys and books and not even look at the 5 or 6 custom, gourmet pizzas to choose from that grandma slaves over for all of us. no amount of peer pressure from 6 other cousins who are scarfing every last bite could ever persuade jackson to even take a bite. so dinner is a total bust too. (we always go over there hungry in hopes that the 2067 time he is offered pizza he will actual give it a shot) so for anyone keeping track, that is bacon, 2 nuggets, 1 bite banana and this kid just isn't interested. that is until it is now 7:15 and jackson's stomach is screaming at his brain to FEED ME! he asks for his usual safe favorite, morning sticks. (grahm cracker sticks, recently renamed). he eats 20 or so of those and the hunger pains apparently subside. he branches out and asks for a recently rejected but previous favorite, mandarin oranges. we are re-introducing these and he eats them 1 out of every 5 or so times they are offered. he scoops them with his hands and shovels them in, too impatient to use a fork. then at home, bedtime is looming, jackson asks for more bacon. 6 peices! he scarfs them and is satisfied to go to bed.
repeat X6 and you have an average day.

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