Tuesday, March 17, 2009

not just picky...

It is one thing to have a picky eater. It is another thing to have a child that is so set in eating and drinking certain things that it becomes a complication with an illness. I had to take jackson to urgent care on saturday. He had a fever, starting thursday, that would not break, started with a terrible cough and sore throat, and just kept getting worse. He layed on the cough and didn't want to do anything. He tested postive for influenza B and strep throat. So home we went with a pile of prescriptions and instructions to rest and stay hydrated. Not remembering that I had taken away his one favorite juice that he would drink,(in attempt to expand his accepted fluids) I offered him apple juice, white grape, fruit punch, etc. but with him only trying one or two sips here and there. He sipped on some coke and continued to cough away.

This morning I woke up to jackson screaming for me and crying. He was 3 steps out of his bedroom, bent over in pain. He screamed, "I can't walk!" I picked him up and tried to figure out what was going on. Mommy diagnosis, severe dehydration and muscle cramps. Insert picky eater. Jackson refused popsickles, refused, water, refused coke, refused ice cream, refused ice chips. I could not get ANYTHING into this child. Doing the math in my head, I figured it had been 26 hours or so since he had peed and knew we had a problem.

Now with any other kid, you can reason with them and explain to them the importance of needing to drink and eat. Not with jackson. I called my husband and had him try to explain to my amazing and adorable but speech impaired 5 year old what a trip to the hospital would entail for IV hydration. With gramma to the rescue to pick up coke and jackson's ONLY juice he will drink (roaring waters capris sun strawberry kiwi)I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Fast forward 4 hours to right now and the drama has subsided. Jackson drank 4oz. water, 4oz. coke, and 2 of his favorite juice pouches over 2 hours and has now gone potty. His leg cramps are improving and he is now comfy on the couch watching a thomas movie. The thought of lunch time is overwhelming to me, but we will take one baby step at a time and be grateful for the wonderful miracle that is jackson.


Kristina said...

Dear Sara--

I am so very sorry! I pray things are looking up and I know whatcha mean--you can pretty much throw out the idea of trying anything with even slightly different packaging when you've got a sick one! I am so glad he drank the other fluids! He is Grateful to have a mommy and daddy with your medical backgrounds!

Claire said...

I'll pray for you guys, if I may? It sounds like you're doing brilliantly during some trying times.


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