Friday, March 20, 2009

happy and healthy

Jackson went to school today and is feeling almost like his old self! Wow, 7 days out of school...that was rough. But I am so happy to say Jackson is starting to make up for his poor appetite this past week. Today he reminded me that he will eat, can eat, and actually does enjoy it sometimes. Breakfast was 4 peices extra crunchy turkey bacon and water. Lunch at school, 2 strawberry nutragrain bars, ziplock full of morning sticks, a banana, and strawberry kiwi juice. I picked him up from school and he requested ice cream, to which I couldn't refuse him so off to Sonic we went. Now this is where he is so funny sometimes. Somedays it's Mickey D's for a hot fudge sundae and somedays it's Sonic for the kids junior candy sundae. Who would have thought he liked butterfinger? So to sonic we went and he enjoyed his candy sundae topped with crushed butterfinger with no whipped cream or cherry. Dinner option was gramma's yummy homeade pizza, to which he said no thank you (as always). Instead he opted for another banana, 2 handfuls of raisins, purple grapes, and 2 bowls of morning sticks! Top all that off with a big bowl of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream for grandpa's birthday and I thought I had a kid who was full! Nope! On the way home from grandpa's (at 8 o'clock) jackson said, "I need hot chicken from wendy's please!!" It was friday night and I was feeling a little crazy, so I gladly turned the car to wendy's. 7 hot chicken nuggets later, my 5 year old was full and happy and you would almost think this kid has the whole eating thing figured out...almost.

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Kristina said...

I can hear the joy in your writing! SO glad he is feeling better! All of that made me hungry!

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