Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...well almost!

AAwwwww, naptime at the marble house. I wasn't going to write anything, thus the wordless part of wordless wednesday, but I had to explain why this is such a touching picture today. We had a kind of rough day of jackson picking on logan, A LOT. Jackson was really testing how far he could go without getting in trouble when it came to messing with his little brother. Well, he crossed the line, and ended up getting punished. He apologized to logan and prayed and asked Jesus to forgive him for being ugly. It was over and then it was naptime. The best part about this picture is that Jackson is laying in LOGAN's bed. They never do that anymore and it has been months since they have snuggled. I guess big brother just wanted to let little brother know he loved him even though he was picking on him all day. They fell asleep together and slept all afternoon! aaawwwww. I love my boys. :)

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