Sunday, June 28, 2009


show us where you live!!! yards!!!

This is one of my favorite weeks, although my pictures don't do it justice, I don't think. We have had 3 weeks of almost 100 degree heat and NO rain so things are a little dry. Here is my little logan picking out some flowers with me this spring! One of my favorite things to do is work in the yard. It is free therapy for me!!!

This is the front, Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! I usually have 4 pots overflowing with amazing flowers but the weather has gotten the best of them.
This is my fabulous new arbor! Isn't it great?? What is even better is that the bouginvillea vine that is growing up it transfered so beautifully from a trellis to this arbor that I have been shopping for for 2 years! My patience paid off and it is a perfect fit and I love it! Now if the darn plant would stop worrying about it's roots and start BLOOMING in hot pink, well actually magenta, I would be so happy!

I have started planting things that love the louisiana heat and also come back every year! Cost effective and beautiful. This is a bloom off my 4 dollar hibiscus I bought 3 years ago. Comes back every year like a champ and is going crazy this year!! LOVE IT!

I love color and this vinca and zinia are 2 great examples!

This is the front bed and I should have moved that black hose. Oh well. Like I said, everything is SO DRY but you get the idea!

The back yard after you walk through the gate and arbor!

I love this crepe myrtle and hope it grows FAST! I can't wait until it towers over the driveway.

I ran out of places to put more flowers so added this bed this spring along the side of the house. I now have landscape beds 360 degrees around the house. Lots of work (therapy) for me to keep up with but I love it!

This is one side of the front walk. The other side is almost the same, just larger and goes around to the side bed! I have seasonal flags that I change out for football season and holidays.

Thanks for stopping by and happy 4th!


pumpkinpatches said...

I just LOVE your yard. I would kill to have a brick house, you just don't have many of those in Phoenix! I noticed you monogram flag in the front, did you get that at Kirklands...My mom got one when we were on a shopping trip together and I am kicking myself for not getting one!!!!!!! LOL, Have a great weekend :)

Sara said...

thanks! i actually found this flag at a local florist shop, it seems like they are getting more popular and you can find them more places. thanks for stopping by.

Mommyto3andahusky said...

Love your home! :) Cute blog!

Heather said...

I love your landscaping!! Gorgeous and I love your black wrought iron fence!! It is all so pretty!

Bethany and 3sonsplus1 crew said...

Beautiful!! I know what you mean about it being hard to keep up with the work, but it IS worth it when you get results like that!!

It sounds like you need the rain and we need the SUN, sigh...

DylKat said...

Thanks for the "push" with my color dilema! I think I will go for it in my master bedroom:)

Your yard is beautiful! Crepe myrtles are my favorite tree and yours looks great. We have 2 in our backyard and we always laugh becuase they are "late bloomers". We don't get our first bloom until after all the others around town have been blooming for about a month. Just got our first 2 blooms on it this weekend:)

Hope you and your family had a Happy 4th:)

Thanks again~Holly

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