Saturday, June 27, 2009


"mom, I want to talk to Jesus"

"ok, you can talk to him whenever you want, it's called prayer. He is always there and you can tell him about anything you want."

"no, I want to SEE him!"

"well, you can't really see him, he is everywhere. He is in your heart so you can talk to him and he hears you."

"where does he live?"

"in heaven."

"ok, then I want to go to heaven!"

"well, baby, heaven is very far away and you can't just go to heaven to talk to jesus. it doesn't really work that way."

"where is heaven?"

"up in the sky, past the clouds and even farther than outer space!"

several moments of quiet pondering pass and I am thinking we are done with the conversation when jackson proudly exlaims,

"i know, i'll just take an airplane to heaven to talk to jesus, but don't worry mom, I will be right back!!!!"


Nancy said...

How oldest daughter (3 1/2) and I had this same conversation yesterday.... she kept saying she wanted to see Jesus. Then she asked me "why" she couldn't see Him....Oh...the questions our kids ask huh?

Elizabeth said...

Hey! I'm visiting from Kelly's Korner. I had to let you know that I had this same conversation w/my 4-year-old daughter a few weeks ago. Too weird. I pray she keeps Jesus in her heart!

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