Friday, June 12, 2009

tidbits from the week...

just wanted to take a minute to write down some things the boys said this week. I'll start with a car ride to sonic a few minutes ago...

jackson: mom, does everyone have fingernails???

mom: yes, dear, we all have fingernails.

jackson: am I made of bones?

mom:yes, bones, muscles,skin, lots of things.

jackson: oh, that must be why I am so strong.

mom: big smile :)

sitting on the couch today after naps...

jackson: mom, I think I want to see Jesus. Where is he?

mom: he is everywhere baby. You can just talk to him by praying. When he is in your
heart, he can always hear you.

jackson: No mom, where does Jesus live, I want to SEE him.

mom: well, he is in heaven.

jackson: okay, I want to go to heaven.

mom: it is very far away and I don't want you to go to heaven right now.

jackson: it's ok mom, I'll just take and airplane to see Jesus and then come right back!

the boys have been having such a great time this summer already and it's nice to have them home with me instead of in school. I have loved all of our time together!

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Kristina said...

Oh my gosh, i LOVE this!!!!! What more can you ask for then to have conversations like this?

I have 2 little notebooks with Adalyn's funny sayings and am going to write them out in a blog or note, its on my list for the week...reading this from you just makes me want to hurry up and record the memories to share with others!! so cute!

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