Monday, June 15, 2009

peace of mind...

It is amazing that in this cyber world of blogging, so many people can connect, communicate, minister, share, pray, and feel supported and loved. There have been a few blogs that have caught my eye for one reason or another as God has tugged a little on my spirit. I have bathed people in prayer that I don't even know and will probably never meet. As children of God, we can all feel a part of something bigger that joins us in one body and that is so wonderful. I have prayed for Stellan and for Harper as if they were babies I had held and loved in person. I have shed tears for mom's who have loved and lost and lifted my voice to God on their behalf.

Tonight I linked to a website that again tugged at my heartstrings from Kelly's Korner Blog. She does such a good job of reporting prayer needs and getting info out into this blog world for all to share and help and pray. This story however hit close to home, literally. Please go to to read this story and see how you can help this precious couple that has suffered a terrible loss and now has new joy ahead.

I live in Louisiana and know of Dr. Collins for several reasons. It also amazes me that I kiss and hug my own miracle every single day. I don't tell the story often, but my youngest son, Logan, was a tragedy waiting to happen and we were very blessed to have a safe delivery and a healthy little boy to hold and bring home from the hospital. A few weeks before I delivered I was a little concerned on a few occasions that he wasn't as active as usual. I went in for some non stress tests and there were periods of a low baseline heart rate but nothing that raised any red flags. I was induced at 38 weeks for high blood pressure and had an uneventful labor until the actual delivery. As logan crowned and his head was delivered I was told to stop pushing. My OB discovered that the umbilical cord was wrapped around Logan's neck not once, but twice, and was tight. Usually the cord can be "reduced" or slipped over the baby's head and delivery can continue, but this was not the case for him. The cord was tight and had to be clamped and cut before his shoulders and body could be delivered(not to mention I had that episiotomy I was hoping to avoid). Logan came out blue and limp but nothing some stimulation and oxygen didn't fix. I cried tears of joy for the miracle I held in my arms and thank God everyday for the blessing of his birth and who he is in our family today. Not everyone has a happy ending like mine. I hope if nothing else, you can take a minute to stop and pray for natalie and her family that they are able to carry this pregnancy to term and that they have the peace that only God (and Dr. Collins) can give.

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Amy said...

Sara, thank you. You're post brought tears to my eyes. What a miracle your little boy is and I'm glad that God saw fit to let you keep him with you on earth. Thank you for your kindness!

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