Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesdays Unwrapped

"Hey mom, look at the bumblebees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Logan is always on the look out for something that is wiggly or flying. We were driving in the neighborhood and I was almost ready to pull into our driveway. I stopped. I usually just say uh-huh and nod and keep driving. By why couldn't we "look at the bumblebees?" My heart sank as I realized I had missed so many moments, so many opportunities to let the boys explore their world and LOOK at what they noticed. I didn't have anything I had to do, just an afternoon of mom stuff like laundry that could wait, so we stopped, and LOOKED, and listened. I was tempted to complain that it was 98 degrees and almost noon, but I didn't, and they didn't care. I hesitated and resisted shouting the over-bearing comments that are my usual such as, "watch out, look for fire-ants, don't step there, be careful!" I kept my mouth shut and let them be boys. I stood back and watched at their wonder. I then ran back to my car and grabbed my camera that lives in my purse. They didn't notice or care. They were too excited about the flying and crawling things they were watching. And my heart was filled with contentment as I realized that stopping, even for just a minute, even on the side of the road in an empty lot, is such a blessing. So I will STOP more and learn to enjoy and wonder at the small things...

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dawn said...

Way to go--embracing the moments. Saying yes. Not rushing. Good job.

But bumblebees? yikes. :)

DSKgoatiegal said...

I agree that it is sooo good for us to stop sometimes and let our kids be kids without always worrying about things we should be doing, but to just step back and enjoy. Thank you for this post. I needed it brought to my attention :)

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