Friday, July 30, 2010

show us your life fridays...testimony


I am a very blessed gal.  I am so grateful to my amazing parents for my childhood and upbringing.  My parents were saved when we were babies and that in turn gave me and my sisters an amazing opportunity to grow up in a christian home.  I have amazing memories of church, Sunday school, youth group, and all that went along with being connected and involved with our community church, no matter where we lived.  I remember the evening that my dad sat on the couch, Bible in his lap, my questions being answered as a 6 year old could understand, and I prayed to ask Jesus into my heart.  There weren't any lighting bolts, loud music, or sky splitting thunder, just a peace and joy that settled into my spirit knowing Jesus would always be with me.

Now just because Jesus is always with me doesn't mean life doesn't get hard sometimes or I don't feel lonely.  There have definitely been times that I've wondered, "ok, God, where are you today?"  But in the end, I hold on to his promises found in the Bible and know that He has a wonderful plan for me.  That plan has included an amazing husband and 2 wonderful miracle children we thought we would never have.  I remember the day doctors said we wouldn't have children on our own...I have never hit my knees harder or prayed more in those months and years waiting for God's plan to unfold.  God has been faithful and true in answering prayers and blessing me more than I could ever have asked for or you know Jesus?

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