Wednesday, July 21, 2010

random updates...

holy smokes, summer is almost over!!! where in the heck did that time go? could it be we have been having so much fun it just flew by?? yup! :)

- the boys are growing by leaps and bounds!! i can't believe it. jackson is 49 inches tall and size 1 1/2 shoe and weighing in at 58 pounds. yes, that's my 6 year old! logan has topped out at 46 inches and catching his brother fast the last month.  He is 48 pounds and size 11 1/2 shoe. wowzers.

-i have spent the last 3 days shopping for school uniforms...yuck.  jackson will be in 1st grade at First Baptist School and they start wearing uniforms in that grade. wow, that all adds up and haven't even gotten everything yet.

-we had a wonderful summer of swimming, playing, sleeping in, VBS, vacations, movies,and a whole lotta love.

-i had a punch biopsy yesterday of a spot on my arm that has been bothering me.  we'll see what that shows in 10 days.

-john's book and app are going very well and i'm so excited at looking ahead to some new business ventures.

-i've been reading some this summer and am currently reading Drew Brees' book...LOVE! (go saints!)

-so sad that school starts so early this year (aug 6th!) CRAZY!

-jackson has decided that he is a big boy and FINALLY started riding his bike without training wheels! (now if we could just master the tying shoes!) :)

-i'm still a terrible house keeper and cant ever seem to catch up on anything around here...much less do anything crafty or scrapbook like i had hoped this summer...

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Anonymous said...

Summer has flown by!!! I was planning on getting some scrapping in this summer but it did not happen. I am almost done with school supply and uniform shopping...we just need shoes. tfs

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