Thursday, August 12, 2010

i've been busy...

So i've been blog hopping and i'm in love with THIS ONE! She has the best ideas and I just had to try a project after she posted a tutorial. I'm having so much fun.
Have you guys tried a mocha frappe from mickey d's?? DON"T do will be hooked, sigh.

so quick and how these flowers are turning out!

any saints fans out there????
is it wrong that i'm thinking about christmas already?


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I do not sew, but I may even be able to do this. Think our boys would mind wearing the pretty flowers we make :P

DSKgoatiegal said...

I'm new to following your blog...I have to say that I have been thinking about Christmas too. I always get the itch to start with the Christmas music and movies and such around this time of year. It is totally my favorite holiday.

Love the flowers...I've been tryin to get my little girl to wear them, but she's not having it :(

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