Friday, August 13, 2010

what i wore wednesday...err, oh yeah, today is friday isn't it?

...better late than never?!  so this post was supposed to be on Wednesday but I've been busy sewing away and running to hobby lobby 10 times! i love the posts from The Pleated Poppy and her what i wore Wednesdays! i stalk her site and keep saying i will join in but haven' here it is...late and pathetic but oh well!  in an effort to step it up as a mommy and how i look, i will try to take some pics and post with her on Wednesdays!

I LOVE this shirt! got it on clearance at Target for 10 bucks!  This was a 'take the time to wash AND dry my hair...a 30 minute ordeal' day...(church on Sunday) Yes, we wear jeans to church!

I wear flip-flops EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I have church flops and everyday flops!

when i get really crazy i add a striped cardigan over my fav gray shirt and call it a date night outfit!  please note on this "date night" our children were present and jackson took the above picture!

when in doubt...add a scarf from wal-mart and a cardigan.  not very creative but covers my mommy muffin top!  once again, a gray t-shirt.

the every-other day look above...pony-tail or clip...not thinking it looks as good as i thought.  I think I wore that shirt 3 times this week...sigh

me attempting a headband...didn't even wear it out of the bedroom...hated it!

holy smokes...i wear gray almost everyday! BORING!! and yes, flip-flops everyday too. the first pic is a church day and I'm still in jeans...i really need to step it up a little. This last pic is a pic of my FAVORITE jeans ever! SO comfy but i guess they are looking worn too. they are from the Limited from too far back to remember...maybe 6 years ago?

jump over to one of my favorite blogs EVER and see The Pleated Poppy and her What I Wore Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

Sara you always look nice :) The Pleated Poppy has been added to my blogroll. tfs

edie said...

Love all your embellishments!

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