Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a little project to make me smile

I've had this planter for more than 4 years now and it's been looking tired and worn out.  So I decided it needed a little facelift. 
...and this guy, he was FREE! yep, i have great neighbors who pass things my way and I have 5 of these babies sitting in my garage waiting for some TLC!
Insert my trusty helper and a 2 dollar can of satin black spray paint from Wal Mart!
5 minutes and a finger cramp later, these planters were singing to me!
aaahhhh, much better
some creative transplating of an old boxwood from another location and a few dollars worth of flowers and I'm happy than a...well, just happy!
I love it.

and yes, it's august, and yes, it's 100 degrees with 98% humidity, and yes i'm crazy for buying more flowers. it's a sickness with me, my green thumb makes me a little crazy.

At least I bought the ones that say SUN! :)

And I'm totally LOVING my new garden flag, just in time for SAINTS football!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and the rapidly approaching school year and fall busyness.  The summer was too fast and will feel hot here for another month at least. School started last week for us and I'm a little upset at feeling rushed with enjoying time at home with my not so little ones. sigh. For now, I will enjoy my flowers and fresh planters and start dreaming of pumpkins and cooler weather!

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Anonymous said...

you said it not me...it's a sickness ;) I wouldn't know about those ;) btw, your garden is beautiful!

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