Monday, August 23, 2010


well, i've been busy getting everything in order for our next big thing! if you don't know me and our family, you may not know that my hubby is a CRNA and has written a book about anesthesia.  It is geared toward anesthesia students who may be overwhelmed in the OR and are transitioning into the workplace after school.  my hubby is a fantastic writer and i'm so proud of him.  his book has been out for over a year and is doing well after being self published with no formal advertising! it's all word of mouth and the students who have it in their possession all agree that it is priceless information!  all that being said, we are launching t-shirts based loosely off his book.  a few little quotes, maybe will lead into a full blown t-shirt business. who knows.  we are just taking it one step at a time.  so if you have a minute, jump over to our new site and tell someone about it! they mostly pertain to anesthesia but i love the one that says 'chaos is optional'  that is so true in any area of life! happy monday and hope you have a great week.  i'm just going to sit back and hold my breath in hopes that word will spread about our oh so comfy tees and new business venture! :) check it out!

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