Saturday, December 26, 2009

We have had a crazy full week of wonderful activities! It all started last weekend with a trip to granny's house.  After a 5 hour drive, the boys were so excited to play with cousins and have fun on the farm.  They were pleasantly surprized that "santa" found them a weekend early and at granny's house.  We had a great time of playing, relaxing, making cookies, and eating way too much food.  Granny always spoils us! (and grandaddy too)

Next stop, christmas eve bruch only an hour away from home with more "cousins" and fun play time with trucker, a boxer puppy that the boys love after warming up to him.  We also got to meet new baby raimey and I got some baby love to fill my tanks!

Christmas Eve night I hosted my family get together with boys sisters, husbands and all the kids on my side of the family! 7 under the age of 7!!! A little crazy and so much fun. We ate and played and read the story of Jesus' birth.  The kids had fun acting out the shepards and angels with grandpa with he narrated! (pics to come)!

We then threw in an evening of gingerbread houses and boys was that fun  interesting! The boys had a blast and I am still vaccuming up sprinkles and candy.  Gramma and Grandpa came over for the fun and 3 hours of candy and frosting had my boys spinning forever on a sugar high!

And finally, Christmas morning! The boys were so cute. They slept in til 8am which was nice. They were content to open their stockings and play with a 3 dollar car and new toothbrushes. Go figure.  Santa brought a Wii this year and we have had a blast playing that as a family!!!

Christmas day was topped off with more presents at gramma's and lunch! yum.

Hoping you all have a very merry christmas and looking forward to a fabulous new year!!!!

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Pineapple Princess said...

Your family picture is AMAZING!!! :)

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