Friday, December 4, 2009

Things that make me giddy...

I think I'm on 5. The chance of snow!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right people, southeast Louisiana is under a winter advisory and my boys (and their mom) are giddy with excitement at the possibility of a snow flurry or two falling just to make this a perfect Christmas season!! Of course my poor children think they will be making snowmen in the morning, but don't think that is going to happen. We may just have to hop in the car and drive to the snow, since it will be a lot closer than say, Colorado or Kansas!!!! Anyway, I wore a scarf to take the kids to school which was a needed piece of clothing and not just a great fashion accessory! Hope all of you are enjoying this first week of December and all this season has to offer!! Hot chocolate anyone???

1 comment:

Shana said...

I know I am so excited we might get some snow too!! YAY! We used to get it every year when I was a kid but now we hardly ever see a flurry.

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