Sunday, November 22, 2009

sneak peak...

I adore christmas time! It is a magical season with so many wonderful memories, sights, smells, and feelings! I couldn't wait to get my house decorated this year. I have been busy all weekend getting stuff out. Here is a little glimpse into what I've been working on!
This is my living room mantel that I LOVE decorating every year!
A little boring don't you think?

First goes up the green garland (clearance from Hobby Lobby!)
Then I added the berry garland and twisted them together a little!

Some white lights, picks and sprays from a local florist, 2 ornaments and some stocking holders, and TaDa! I love it! What do you think. So festive!

A wreath on the mirror to finish the look and I am sitting on my sofa admiring my work!


Anonymous said...

It looks awesome!!! I never thought to hang a wreath on the mirror above my mantel. I will have to get one now :-)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I LOVE the wreath on the mirror!

Jenna said...

Your decorations look awesome! It's hard to believe that Christmas is coming up so fast!

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