Monday, November 9, 2009

M,M, and M (part 4) The Call

Trying to get a post in...I have to echo Rachel's excuses. Saints and hurricane watching, add a busy life with 2 boys and I haven't gotten to the computer to compose another Marriages, Meetings, and Memories post. Wanted to write something so I am attempting to put something together after dinner and before baths on a night my hubby is working late and the boys aren't playing very well together. So bear with me...

Fast forward from our January meeting to February then march, skip April and get to May, months went by of flirting and learning more about each other, but never with an official date planned. I started to wonder if I was missing something, or misinterpreting the obvious "he's into me" cues. I was baffled. He was shy, or scared. A little peek into his life had revealed pain and heartache over a previous relationship that I won't go into detail about now, but I had learned that he was taking his time navigating the world of love for very good reason.

Then it happened!!! He called. My house. My heart stopped. Then raced. It was him! On the phone! Asking me out!! I had dreamed about this moment for months! And here it was. Hi, Sara, just wondering if maybe you wanted to get dinner and catch a movie sometime?! There is was, him asking me. Just the way it was supposed to be. I froze. My head was screaming YES, YES, YES!!!! But I didn't want to sound too over excited and wondered how our work schedules would be since I worked days and he worked nights. I casually responded, Just let me check my schedule. WHAT?! did I just say that? Let me check my schedule?! Like let me see if I can squeeze you in between all the other guys in my life. NOT. Or maybe you aren't' important enough for me to miss my favorite t.v. show. Well, I eagerly awaited the OK how about this date. It never came. We chatted and hung up. I thought it was understood that we would be going out just as soon as i checked my schedule and we could plan a day, like this week. I had honestly meant, I will look at my work schedule and see what night will work. This week turned into next week, and then another. Had I missed something??? Yep. He thought I meant no. Stupid me!!!

Mr. M actually started to show less interest and I was confused and heartbroken, too shy to ask what the deal was. Then I heard through the grapevine that he was "seeing" a friend of a friend back home in Mississippi on the weekends and I thought my chance was over, done, finished. How could I have messed this up? It had seemed so right. Did he really think I had said NO????


Its So Very Cheri said...

Hello-I'm your newest follower.
Love your kiddos name--those were both on our list because they are family names but once we started the
"G" name thing the G-force began and stuck.
I hope you'll come by--love it and follow too.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, way to leave us hanging!!!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! I bet you were so miserable! I can't wait to see how things turn around!

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