Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Traditions

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I have so many amazing memories of growing up and Christmas time. My parents always made that time of year so special for our family. From decorating the tree as a family while listening to Christmas music to baking gingerbread houses and decorating them, our family loved spending quality time together during the holidays!
One of the first things that come to mind is the "tree hunt" everyyear. We alway cut down our own trees from a tree farm and it would be an all day event. We would walk and walk to search for the perfect tree before all dropping to our knees to help with the saw. We would then drag it to our car and tie it on top and take the captured tree home to decorate.
Each year us three sisters would rotate turns putting the star on top of the tree after it was all decorated. I remember my dad lifting us up on his shoulders to reach and put it in place!
I don't remember when we started making gingerbread houses but I am so glad we did! I will always cherish the hours spent by my mom making the gingerbread and all of us rolling it out, cutting the pieces for each house, baking them, and spending the entire day each decorating our own with icing and more candy than you can imagine! My mom would slave in the kitchen making batch after batch of the fluffy white icing that held our masterpieces together.
We went to some great Christmas Eve church services and I distinctly remember singing Go Tell it on the Mountain as the church was dark and candles were lit one by one to light the entire worship center.
Overall, growing up in my family was absolutely priceless and I love and adore the memories I have as a little girl in our home.

As a mom now, I am trying to start things that my family will love and cherish like I do. It was actually my husband's idea to have more than one Christmas tree. I thought he was crazy but I love getting out all of our decorations. We have the family tree in our living room that I decorate. A tree in our upstairs window, and even one in the attic dormer window. Last year we put a tree in the boy's room for the first time and they LOVE it. This year I let them decorate it however they wanted to. I gave my OCD a little break and let them place ornaments wherever they wanted til their hearts were content! I hope to continue adding traditions every year.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have fun getting your Christmas decor out and celebrating your traditions!


Family American Style. said...

Love them, There all great Christmas traditions. I like more than one tree also. We have four.

Myra said...

Love the idea of having more than one tree!!

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