Sunday, November 8, 2009

hurricanes and things...

So living in Louisiana is crazy sometimes. August 2005 is a prime example. Hurricane Katrina changed our lives forever. Now it is November 8th,2009 and we have an unheard of storm in the Gulf headed this way. It is impossible to explain what that does to you unless you have lived through a hurricane. It messes with your head. I'm thinking we won't have to evacuate but you still have to stress a little, plan a little, have a "what if" plan thought out just in case. As Monday approaches and everyone heads back to work and school, we will have the weather channel on...waiting and watching. Wondering if it will hit and how bad it will be. The cool fall gulf waters will help us out a lot but it is still no fun to watch the big, swirling CAT 2 storm on satellite and get a little nervous.
How ironic that my front doors are in the middle stages of getting stripped and sanded and re-stained after hurricane damage took it's toll and we are finally getting around to fixing them. The workers came Friday and took all the weather stripping and threshold off and need to come back tomorrow so we don't have a flood in our living room from driving rain, even if it just a tropical storm that hits. There is laundry to be done, gas tanks to fill up...oh, better cook the chicken in the freezer in case we lose power!!! That is no fun to come back to after you've had to evacuate and abandon the house only to forget the freezer was full and now has spoiled and nasty meat. Still have flashbacks about all of that from Katrina! Anyway, if I'm not on here for a few days, that is why! Hope you have a great week and I'll just be checking the weather more closely than most of you!


Shana said...

Praying for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

We've been watching it non-stop too.

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