Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's fall, y'all!

WoooHoooo! Our first cold front has officially pushed through. It is cool and breezy and wonderful. Well, actually, it's all relative, but I'm loving in! It is 67 degrees this morning and the high is 82. Like I said, it is all relative. The humidity is low which makes today feel like our first fall"ish" day. Yesterday was a blazing summer day with temps in the 90's and kids coming in from playing dripping in sweat and begging for popsicles!
I am dying to get my fall decorations out and up and am so sad that I am not the first one on my street to have adorable pumpkins on my doorstep. I have been out of commission with a back and neck issue and am hoping the next few days will allow me to feel up to climbing in the attic and finding my fall box!
How do you all decorate for fall! Do share!!

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